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Strawberry Moon June 2016 Once In A Liftime Experience


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I guess to the natives, it can be considered the time of great harvest of strawberries.


Coincidentally, I'm just about ready to harvest Strawberry Cough LOL! I must admit, this is the first time my SBC has tipped the branches with the king buds over  to where they are breaking. First time seeing it as a problem with SBC. The buds are looking better than ever.


The full moon tonight should have a unique look since it is the summer solstice.



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I cant say d amn? do we really think our grandmothers are reading our threads?


how about that for starters...

shitpissfuck (as my mom would say :-) and she's a grandmother

if you are offended by d amn reach WAY up in there and get that corn cob out of your f u ck ing a ss and relax...

you will feel much better :-)

if this thread gets deleted you moderators might need to do the same...


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