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And Then There's This Guy...


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Yup. It's on the rise again. I'm sticking to my homegrown and the occasional brewski.


Could you imagine finding a brain under or near a friend's house, and he's just chillin', getting formeldahigh!?


I've heard it's a crazy trip, but certainly not one this feeble mind could handle. Glad you fellas posted. Cheers!



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I'm a bit of a younger dog, so this is new news to me....but really, who thinks of doing this stuff?  Seems like one of those things one would look at and, as it registers to me- That's a big negative ghost rider...Nope...no, definitely not. Maybe it's the barrier of knowing...-hey...there was a brain floating in that..

Don't get me wrong- I'm sure if I were feeling all sorts of crazy shamanic and wanted to think I could see their life through smoking their residual brain goop mixed with formaldehyde it'd be a relative treat- but not in this life man..not in this life.

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