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Using Anti-Uv Glasses To Improve Grow Room Photography


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Doesn't it suck when you have a room full of beautiful plants and you want to capture them forever in a photo, but because of HPS lighting all you get is a washed out yellow mess? I see photos like that all the time so I thought I would share a cheap and easy way to improve your photos. You can buy expensive filters for your camera that go for over $100, but most people want to put that money into their grow instead. I had been using anti-UV glasses from Apollo Horticulture ($15 on Amazon) for about a week and they really reduce eye strain.


I just held one of the lenses in front of my camera and voila, the plants look like their natural color. You can see the edge of the lens in my photo below but if you hold them close enough you won't see the rims. You can also just crop a bit in Photoshop to get rid of them. But even if the rims show up, the second photo looks so much better that it's worth it. These photos were taken under a 1000W HPS. 


Happy growing!



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There are a few ways to correct the problem as you guys mentioned. I was thinking more of the cell phone photographer who just wants to snap a few pics to ask for grow advice. Turning off the light and using the flash is the way I used to do it. 


For LED lights I use another set of glasses, which basically just apply a green filter. They also darken the photo a bit so you have to adjust for that. The ones I use in my seedling/clone room are Grow1 GRUVE LED Glasses that cost $25 on Amazon.



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