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Plants Locked Up ✓ What About Buds ?

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A lesson that pops always taught me was to bet on what is and not what ought to be. Hearing his voice when I read this thread.


In the world where task forces get bank for busting us, and where a discarded branch turns into 3 'plants,' I'm not sure why one would risk it. My thinking is that Leo will have a very Leo friendly definition of "access." Be careful everyone. Sometimes things aren't what they ought to be. We are still an enemy to some. I checked the web, too. Locks are cheaper than making case law.



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found this



"Question: I'm a licensed health professional, and my spouse is an MMMA patient. Can I be penalized professionally with regards to my licensure or revoked if my spouse grows their plants at our home if I do not participate in the cultivation or consumption of the marijuana?


The MMMA provides protection for those who are in the presence or vicinity of a registered patient who is medically using cannabis (which would include growing it). This protection is contained in MCL 333.26424(h).


You should have absolutely no access to the plants being grown or to the marijuana unless it is in the actual process of being medically used (i.e. smoked, vaporized, etc.).


Your spouse can ingest in your presence and you should be protected, but at all other times the medicine should be locked up, the plants inside a securely locked room to which you have zero access."


and this;(free legal advice)


"You can be charged with possession of marijuana in Michigan if the marijuana is found in a car in which you are a passenger. However, if the marijuana was not on your person and did not belong to you, you will probably have a good defense against conviction. On a related note, Michigan drivers can also be charged with possession of marijuana found in their car, even if it did not belong to them.

In Michigan, “possession” can be categorized as either physical or constructive. Physical possession is simply possessing the marijuana on your person. Constructive possession is a grayer area, and can usually be argued either way. “Constructively” possessing the marijuana means exercising some amount of control over the marijuana, even if it is not on your person  @ http://criminal-law.freeadvice.com/criminal-law/marijuana-law/charged-with-possession-as-passenger-in-michigan.htm#ixzz4EshFvyuZ

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I dont fear rippers but I do fear leos. I always have the same amount drying in a perpetual, never a "big harvest" but several small staggered ones. those dry in my home.

I was thinking about leo going through my stuff and finding herb in most corners of my home. A pipe there, some buds in a pack over there, a smokers end table filled with para and loose scraps/tools. Nobody else in the house uses cannabis. I keep it convenient for me. I saw leo mention the fact that "it was out in the open" and "found in an end table"  as if it was not legal to have in those places. Maybe they were bummed if there were kids in the house, not sure.

Im not a lawyer, but my perspective is that 1) it's my (private) property and 2) as long as I don't exceed 2.5 oz (more with PT, obviously) than I'm ok .
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Im not a lawyer, but my perspective is that 1) it's my (private) property and 2) as long as I don't exceed 2.5 oz (more with PT, obviously) than I'm ok .


right. if your wife had no card and you do, but you're not home, police come with a warrant, herb left out on the table, your wife now possesses the cannabis, nobody else is home.


like if you left oxycontin in the console and wife was pulled over with it, but you're not with her, cop sees it, she possesses it?  no matter that you have the right to possess it, if you're not even there?  just a question, I really dont know , but I do know its not as simple as "Oh, that,(pills, guns, cannabis, etc)  it belongs to my husband, he has a permit"




I cleaned out my chair stash, consolidated my daily use trays and keep my herb  locked up in my drying room when I'm not here. done.

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