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Vha Directive 2011-004 Expired 01-31-2016, So...?

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I have been perusing the interweb and I am finding nothing on where this whole issue has gone. Without a directive, can a veteran now use medical marijuana in conjunction with opioid pain medications? Can the VA test veterans for the use of marijuana (specifically)? Are we still being treated like a bunch of mushrooms? Does anyone have any solid information on this matter?

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yes a veteran can use mj, but the va doctors are not allowed to recommend it.. They still have you sign an agreement not to use MJ or they wont give you pain killers one or the other.. They can't test you without permission but if your a vet you know how they get around that.. they just dont tell you.. however for transplants even in a va hosp.. they wont approve it.. although there not supposed to deny treatment to us for using.. I have always told them , and fought with them over it.. and was successful for a while, but they make you sign the narcotic agreement.. then they can deny if you use ....

They dont really test just for mj, but they do test all inclusive.. by law there supposed to tell you if there drug testing you.. so they say there testing for  narcotics.. but test for mj as well...

It was close to va doctors being allowed but at the last min. it was shot down in senate.. however it was left that they can't deny treatment over mj use.. but there are some things that they wont approve.. I need a liver transplant.. stop mj or no liver.. right from the doctor... so there are still walls up, and ya turn off the light and  give me more cow manure please.. 

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