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I dont tease over weight people!  If I dont watch myself I will be one of the over weight people being teased!



10 yrs ago I went from 278 lbs to 165 lb's it took my about 2 yrs to lose it,  I got comfortable and went back up to 238lbs, it took me 2 yrs to get down to 175lbs which I weigh at this time,


175 is to small for my body, I look like an old skinny man lol!  The older I get the harder it is to lose weight, also when I start dieting it is realy hard to stop, I can see how people get anorexic!


I got into a lil accident 3 wks ago, my right arm was/is still pretty bad, I also hurt my back in a new spot, I get cramps in my back when Im sleeping or stand for to long, I cant lift anything with my right hand lol!  man Im beat up and bruised!


I dont like being over weight and im sure most that are do not feel comfortable in their own skin, at least that is how I feel when im over weight, I have always gained weight in the winter and lost it in the summer,  one summer I didnt and I ballooned up to 278lb's, My back hurt weigh more, I couldnt do half the things I used to do when I weighed in at 180 to 190 (my perfect weight) Now im trying to just eat normal, I go days w/o eating, well I have left over veggies with my cannabutter, when I eat I get full like now, I need to gain a few lb's back and stay at my perfect weight, I would think the cramps and stuff im getting is because I am not eating healthy, I take one a day over 50 male vitamins w/o fail and have been eating lots of bannana's hoping to shake the cramp in my back, it is so painful lol!



any how im sure bill christy dont like being fat, and anything he can do to lose it im all for whether I like the guy or not!


dont be fatty bully's!



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