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Cbd-Only Balms Suck

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only tested one cbd balm ( the fayfarm healing cbd hemp salve ) so far, but it does not work for any skin condition for me.


my friend also tested it and said it did not help his skin condition (pain, itch, inflammation).


where as the full cannabis oil made into a balm works fine still.


i have old cannabis balm, which is now 4 years old. It has started to dry out and has lost its fragrance. but still works. I'm sure some of the THC has degraded over time and oxidization but still works.


cbd-only is crap. hope this helps somebody.

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Interesting topic....


Do you or did you make your "old" balm yourself, or did you order it? I have seen a few, but hate to attempt to order anything if it doesn't work.


Thinking of making my own, but skeptical. Looks fairly simple, well, at least as easy as butter to me. 


Here's a guild on Leafly: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/what-are-topicals-anyway-a-tour-of-a-manufacturing-lab


and a short vid:  


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Emu oil works better at penetrating through the skin.



Yes. Emu oil is awesome, but not cheap. I paid about $20 for about 100ml and made a topical oil product for a guy with psoriasis. (Sp?). It worked wonders for him.


I just got home from a long road trip to NC and picked up some Everclear in Tennessee, the 180 proof stuff, not the 150 you get in Michigan. I'm anxious to make a tincture.

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I have some CBD balm that I apply to my ankle at bedtime and it helps to reduce the burning sensation resulting from

an old injury and having no cartilage.

It smells wonderful and is made w/ beeswax, cinnamon and other ingredients.  The label says "muscle relaxant & anti inflammatory". 

I've not noticed a reduction of swelling, I do find relief from the nerve pain though.


I have some whole plant balm which seems to provide swelling reduction more effectively.


I've only used these topicals on my ankle which I broke and dislocated years ago. 

It often swells to the size of a softball and makes walking nearly impossible.

Both these balms do provide relief yet differently from the other.


Nerve pain though is my nemesis, bone spurs pinching in my neck + my sciatica shooting fire down my leg. 

The only cannabis preparation that knocks that pain out is a vegetable glycerine tincture. 

1 tablespoon in my morning coffee and all is right in my world.

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I ran some of my own experiments(loosely stated) with some whole plant extract. Donor was some exquisite Grape Stomper overages. I say whole plant and mean all of the leaves and buds minus the stalks and fan leaves. this was a 5' wonder with huge nugs, and continues to comfort us all with her down line.


The oil was awesome, no surprise there, never made oil that wasnt perfect for me. I started with a 3.5 oz small jar of Icy Hot. I should mention I have never felt any cannabis relief from any concoction applied topically except when mixed with DMSO, and that was deep into the brain, not good for me yet.


Two grams(yep, decarb'd for months, dried and almost crisp) added to warmed icy hot, nope...not until I put 10 grams of golden extract infused into the icy hot. At that point this jar is still used by me, and is amazing with every topical application since making my first jar.  There is no question to the efficacy of the mix for anyone who's used it. I suspect emu oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and lots more(solvents) would provide the same effects if used the same way.

I don't  feel ANY of the "edible" type effects using the icy hot rub.


The dmso infused with canna oil is similar topical relief when applied to my crippled feet and hands....for a minute or two.....until it hits your head then its down hill for me so far.

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I recently discovered an OTC balm with 4% lidocain and NSAI Called Aspercreme with lidocain for around $10. Similar prescription creams run $50 to $700. I would love if folks would try it alone and mixed with oil. Not sure where they have it on the shelf but it can be ordered. Anyone near Ypsi can come by my place, first tube free.

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