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The Supremes Do It Again!


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interestingly, this was the same case used for the "moot court"


High school students can experience ‘Moot Court’ through Supreme Court

Learning Center summer program


LANSING, MI, March 14, 2016 – This summer, high school students can experience what it’s like to

argue a case before the Michigan Supreme Court, thanks to a program being offered by the Court’s

Learning Center.


Rachael Drenovsky, the Learning Center’s coordinator, explained the program features participation

in a “moot court,” in which participants prepare and argue a case. “The goal is to have participants

learn about the legal system, and sharpen the skills a good lawyer needs: reasoning, writing, and oral

presentation,” said Drenovsky.


“Combining succinct, crisp writing with dynamic verbal expression are two essential skills that

attorneys need. This summer experience is sure to help young participants sharpen those skills,” said

Justice Richard Bernstein, the Court’s liaison to the Learning Center. “Actually, those skills are

requisite in any profession; participating in the summer program will benefit students regardless of

the direction they take after high school,” he added.


The moot court case involves police entering the backyard of a suspected marijuana grow house

without a warrant. Participants will discuss protections the Fourth Amendment to the U.S.

Constitution provides and whether these actions, which led to the issuance of a search warrant, were



Participants will meet and work with attorneys and other legal professionals; presenters will include

members of the judiciary. The program will be held at the Michigan Hall of Justice in Lansing.




i wonder how "moot court" went, and why the supreme court didnt take up the offer?


BERNSTEIN and LARSEN, JJ., join the (dissent) statement of MCCORMACK, J


oh, figures. republican judges were against hearing the case.


watch oral arguments (march 2016)



or audio recording, briefs, etc


heres the question presented to the court:

Did the officers unlawfully expand a “knock and talk” procedure by entering the defendants’s

back yard and walking onto a wooden deck, which was attached to the home?


If a constitutional violation occurred, does the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule

apply when an illegal predicate search formed the probable cause to support a subsequent search



since this is a 4th ammendment case, he should take it to fed court. thats what the idiot judges are saying.

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