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The Dangers Of Marijuana, According To The Dea

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Great read from Muckrock.com.  They have some great quotes from a 2011 paper released by the DEA titled "The DEA Position on Marijuana".  The DEA continues to cite this when asked on specifics of why it is still schedule 1.



With the title already taken care of and 62 pages to go, the doc then leisurely turns to task of convince the reader of the evils of the demon weed and rebut the “dangerous notion” that marijuana is a medicine. Why is that notion so dangerous, you might ask? Well, the DEA has a cautionary tale for you …



Do you want teens force-feeding each other marijuana leaves every time they overdose on ecstasy? Didn’t think so.




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what would you think the DEA would say about MJ? their whole world revolves around the evils of the devil weed..take it off the list and jobs will be lost, they'd lose money, power and influence in government...i can see it now..if these guys had their way, water would be a schedule 1 drug..declared as a gate way to alcohol addiction..if we can just stop those kids from drinking water they won't start drinking booze...we need more money and people to fight this war against water addition...lol..makes sense uh?..bp  

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Unbelievable!!! Don't guess overdosing on ecstasy wasn't enough, maybe she choked on the leaves!! Give me a break, maybe she died jumping off a barn and trying to fly. Sounds like this was written in 1935. I can't believe that in this time in history, this is the best they can do.

                              Just Stunned,

                                     Farmer Brown

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Meanwhile I have had no physical or psychological problems.

Even after 30 years of on and off ( mostly on ) daily cannabis use I feel zero Ill effects.


Am I the exception to the rule?

Or the rule of thumb?

My guess is The Rule of Thumb...

Lies, Lies and more Lies..


Seems we are the exceptions to the rule because we are not trying to make cannabis the scapegoat for all our other bad habits. 

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She didn't go quickly, according to court testimony Wednesday from Belmont

police officers, who offered the most detailed accounting yet of the April

death that shocked parents and teachers across the Peninsula.


Throughout that long April night, police testified, Irma suffered

convulsions, vomited about 20 times, complained of headaches and pleaded

for water and fresh air. She grew dizzy and stopped talking, though she

moaned all night and sometimes screamed. But none of her friends called

911. And apparently, none of the grown-ups at the house heard a thing.


According to Belmont police officers who testified, Perez attended a sleepover April 23 with two friends. One of the girls bought three Ecstasy pills for $20 each from Fintzi the day before and took one. She became ill and vomited before calling Fintzi to buy another. He and his drug dealing partner Antonio Rivera, 20, dropped off the pill at the girl’s home. The girls popped the pills around 9:30 p.m. and by 10:30, Perez complained of feeling ill. They called Fintzi who suggested bread and milk. Perez worsened and soon couldn’t even take herself to the bathroom. Finally, Fintzi and two friends arrived at the home and stayed between 2:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. One friend was so aghast at Perez’s condition he hid in the closet while the other two gave Perez water and marijuana. Fintzi said she was only having a “bad trip” before leaving with his friends, prosecutor Elizabeth Raffaelli said.


should ban bread and milk, obviously.




none of this irma story makes sense. i want to see the tox report.

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