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Michigan Coa Defines "plant"


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News story:  http://www.kvue.com/news/marijuana-seedlings-still-count-as-plants-court-of-appeals-tells-grand-rapids-grower/300851098


Link to the COA opinion:  http://publicdocs.courts.mi.gov/opinions/final/coa/20160816_c327289_41_327289.opn.pdf


I think this is a win for the MMJ community.  The opinion states that a plant has roots, a stem of some sort, and leaves.  So this takes away the PHC definition of a plant that includes a simple cutting without roots.


Further, this gives some credence to the position that a harvested plant, with roots attached but hanging and drying is still a plant and can be counted as one of 12 plants rather than "usable marijuana."


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Maybe soon someone can be the test case for having their 72 outdoor plants hanging in a pole barn in late October.

Why would we want to go to court? The naked truth will prevail, the fknrepublicans are the only resistance to cannaprogress, WOD.

They will figure it out, when they have to.


Can't we all just get along?


Live and let Live brother


To date, the legislators have only had input from interests with no hand in The Michigan Canneconomy.

We now have the unique opportunity to get all the real players at the table.


I hope Rep Peter Lucido can find it in himself to sit down as a group of Michiganders who love and care about the future of this state and the good people who call it home and work with We the People to find equitable solutions.

We can do this


Please contact Hayduke to arrange a meeting at your convenience .





If that's alright with you Hayduke.

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