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Michigan Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Tax, Regulations

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My understanding, correct if I am wrong, is that the transport can be avoided if it is grown and sold under one roof.  I am picturing something like a building in the industrial zone.  Large warehouse type building with an office space up front.  Easily converted to a grow/retail facility.


Generally incorrect. Forbidden interest in other licenses basically.

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Hey Wet, It's cool, I reread my post and it was a little on the harsh side, overworked I think...   I don't have any money, I am taking out loans and mortgaging my house to make this happen, becaus

This is not just about your caregiver business  some people need oils as medicine , Thank you 

The good news is that oils and eatables will finally be legal.

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I just called the governors office and I am only 1 of 2 people that has called to voice my concerns on bills 4209,4210,4827,141,1014

Please please stand up for your constitutional rights and call the governors office and your state reps

Governors phone number (517( 373-3400

Ask everyone you know to do the same!

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I can't wait for $100+ grams of extract. Jeezus....anyone on the rso regimen would be down $3000 or more a month. Good and bad? I missed the good I think. I'm also an donkey rectum. That could be a part of it. flower them. When this passes and I can make oil....it's fooking free.

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Yupp Some people cannot smoke, now they can use oils MEDICINE As it should be, Not eveyone can smoke the buds,


Oh for sure


Medicine has always been and will be available

Because of bad law like this the black market thrives.

As long as there is bad law there will be the black market.


Freeing the Weed eliminates the black market and creates a Free Market


Republicans don't get it and never will.

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competition drives prices down, and the consumer's dollar has the most power

When you're no longer the only dealer on the block,


but when it was just me I kept my geo metro and only charged $5 a gram. Dude, I completely respect your need and right for oil. I don't think this is a good way to get it, but I understand. I hope you're not taking offense to my. I'm just a beard behind a screen that doesn't want to see my wife pay over $30,000 a year for oil. That's not right no matter how you slice up the pie. And I get that if the law passes, I have more room to make oil....but it's no guarantee that I'll be around. No promises that the next cg will be as kind.



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For those that don't use medibles(marijuana infused products), or make BHO in the house; HB 4210 isn't really bad?  Labelling for travelling with marijuana infused products and no blowing butane in motor vehicles.




I don't like some of it.... but it could have been much worse i guess.


I don't really care about the commercial honestly. I will never use a dispensary and could care  less if owners have to have rectal exams monthly.

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Tbh. Im just disappointed in the way the funds will be distributed. Didnt they put a section in there saying the balance will not move over to the general fund? Leo will continue to not have to tackle the real criminals via kickbacks from this program,the mmma, and people will still be subject to siezure laws.


I wonder how many commercial enterprise will pop up year one? How many will use this to come above board and still funnel product to the black market? Full disclosure, i intend to apply for a class a license.

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