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I was speaking very generally.


Washington changed their law before passing it unlike here, and in most ways is nearly impossible to compare and take precedence from because of such a law variance. I mean Washington never had more than a Sec. 8 affirmative defense before.


Anyhow, I will look into it.

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The concentrate hiding to be reclaimed... I would be concerned with degradation over time, and really if a concentrate is counted equally to bud, why not just have 28 grams of pure concentrate for an oz.  That would take someone a while to go through, even eating it, 28 grams would take me a month of being stoned off my rocker to get through...


T-Pain, edibles are Different than concentrates.  Edibles it matters solid, liquid, Gas.  But concentrates I think are just considered usable MJ.  But weigh a LOT less due to no green plant material.


Mal- Definitely trying to not be the first person to test it out in court :) 

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