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First Ticket In 25 Years

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My wife & I decided to go out for a little cruise on our four wheelers last night. We stopped on a bluff overlooking a beutiful river valley. We took a minute to hit our one hitter a time or too while we enjoyed the sun going down. My wife rides a machine with a roll bar & seatbelt, I was on my regular quad. After a few minutes we mounted up & started working out way home. Now, since there is no helmet law in Michigan I figured that applied to everything, but I've never been quite sure so I always bring my helmet strapped to my rack. Well sure enough, the next corner we came round there stands Sargent Stadanko, right in the middle of the trail, one hand on his gun & the other flat palm pointing at me. Now, our average trail speed when we ride is roughly 15 mph, so it took a minute for us to get to him, as we got closer I could hear him screaming at us, he said we were "meandering" our way to him, then he asked, "why no helmet", so I explained that I was. Unclear about the helmet law that's why I always bring bring it with me & id be happy to put it on. This was his response word for word it's gonna look funny cause of the cuss filter. He said" your making whoopee right you'll put that helmet on & here's a ticket to remind you. That ticket cost me $160, I could not believe it was that much. Crazy stuff!

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did you just consider running the assholee over ?,,,that would have been my first thought..i had a DNR guy pull me over, he say i was weaving all over on a two track...i told that fool to show me the yellow line because i must have missed it..i was legal and no ticket was given...bp

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