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Seems The Grow Room Is Pretty Well Dead


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Seems like there is not a lot going on here in Michigan....where are the Michigan growers hideing at? Is there a reason I can't start a grow journal?


I've been around here for a lot of years and it really seems pretty slow,no real excitement, Mabey I'm just not seeing it and I'm not knocking the site either,


Not sure why you can't start a grow journal.


There is nothing wrong with using the blog option. I pretty much just put my journals on my blog. There is activity in the background, my blog views have broken 1/4 million views with a couple hundred views a day average.


A lot of people don't want to sign in and are just looking stuff over and only show up as unregistered user or something like that.


I have no regrets of the effort I have put into my blogs here. MMMA has done me right and I am thankful.


Yes the forums have been kind of dead, but it may pick up now that the weather has changes and the new bills just signed into law. Many sites get less activity during the summer months.

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