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Denver Police Need More Room, Money To Store Seized Marijuana Since Legalization

knucklehead bob

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Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the Denver Police Department has struggled to stash the weed its narcotics officers confiscate.

Now, the department is asking Denver City Council to approve $125,116 in the 2017 budget so its property bureau can handle the thousands of pounds of marijuana that comes through its doors each year.



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Oh for Christ's sake. Just sell it to a dispensary and donate the proceeds to charity.

Denver police: You are spinning your wheels. It's legal already. Give it up.


I think what they're really saying is that they want more funds so they can build new storage facilities, train more people to guard it and purchase weapons to guard it with. Maybe a couple of new cars to transport it in.


Then they can start selling it for a profit.

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Freedom to grow and freedom on amounts on your property is about the best we can try/hope for probably.


I get that Mal.


BUT... there is no 'freedom' in fear of them knocking doors down and taking peoples belongings?

It's not there... no freedom.  They have just exchanged the rules/ regs for other chitty rules and regs.


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