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Classic Rock & Pot: A Musical Thread

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I was looking to broaden my musical horizons and could not think of a better way of doing so than by asking the guys and gals of 3MA their take on the subject. Now I know there are already a few other active posts dedicated to music, but with this thread I would like to get your take solely on the Classic Rock genre.I pride myself on being a multicultural, multifaceted, open-minded individual, and would like your help furthering this self growth. So, with that being said....


What are some of your favorite Classic Rock party/marijuana themed songs of all-time?


One I recently found that tickled my musical fancy was "Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath. :)  ;)

(Shout-out to the Prince of Darkness, btw. :)) )


Again, thank you in advance for your replies. As always, your knowledge is valued and greatly appreciated.



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