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Moldy Buds Are Good For Compost? But Do They Have Anything Else

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meh , i cut out the moldy parts and eat the rest.


you got moldy buds? i'll take them for myself.


its a choice i make for my personal use only. i wouldnt give it to others.

only if, after cutting out moldy parts, the rest of it smells ok. if it smells moldy, its trash. to me.

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Pic book and you appear not to have a clue.


I wasnt suggesting he do the same thing as the dispensary does, because I know not what that was/is.

 The things people do for money disgust me.



Step it up guys, its a new program, you need to shine better, and represent better. people are looking for this. these are the exact issues that will be  used against us soon, and have been used against us already...by the $$ men plowing through the medical money marijuana program. Caregivers recycling moldy buds does not represent very well. <_< 


some help;

proper atmosphere controls indoors

plant earlier, use light deprivation/intitiate earlier flowering when  outdoors.


dont consume moldy bud preparations.


a tribe I saw once on tv buried their early harvest buds

wrapped in some funky leaves, for months. They swore the stone was intensified by the hairy mold they had cultivated this way, so you guys may be on to something after all..... :unsure:

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I'm not too concerned about using moldy buds for edibles for myself. I've eaten moldy bread many times, and one of my all time favorite foods is blue cheese, which is mostly a hunk of mold. I don't know but figure it's likely that stomach acid would kill any mold. This isn't advice but just another perspective.

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