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well i fried a little up in butter, but i took the rest and am trying to dehydrate it for storage, some i put in freezer bags and froze it.. later i'll try a soup with it , and some for stock.. its pretty good eating.. :)


Shtz is hard to clean , it seems to grow around stuff,, bark and pine needles in the middle.. but seems to be enough to make it worth while.. that one weighs in around 5lbs.. not bad for one mushroom, and i did find another smaller one near by .. and ya they was there last year but i saw them too late..

When I was young my mom soaked Morels in salt water over night to force the insects from their hidey holes.

Not sure if that will work for you to remove the debris or not.


What is your method for dehydration?

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i tried the oven,, works ok ,, but its too fast, some im just doing on nets like when i dry my meds same process different net :) i had a dehydrator but it broke so i chucked it, didnt think i would need another one..


Yes i soaked in salt water.. 

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Just had some Lion's Mane and Black Trumpets with Rigatoni last night.  Have to check if the Hen I have in the fridge is still good.

  Stopped at Pine Haven Rec Area tonite after visiting a patient and not a thing left in the woods there.  Saw a few Deadly Galerina but not a sign of a Honey, Hen, Chaga(there was a lot of Birch), nothin.  A few old dry Turkey Tail and that was about it.

  Have to go a little further up N for Chaga in the next few weeks.


Glad you liked the Hen.  Wish I could have em in butter.  Has to be Olive Oil for me. :) And you may just want to cut off all the bottom fronds as they do incorporate sand and twigs into teh tissue.

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