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Dab O Ween / Bury The Hatchet

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I thought I had already posted this event.  Today, Oct. 29 starting at 6 p.m.




This will be the second year of Bury the Hatchet AKA as DAB O Ween, where the Community comes together as a whole. No Politics No Speeches and no sales of any kind to make money. This is total free FREE EVENT for patients and caregivers.
There will be Free food, Free T Shirts at the door, a Free photo booth and much more to come.
Dab O Ween is not about Dabs folks, it is a bring you own medicine party and yes a medical card will be required as a photo ID the matches the State your Med card is registered in. No copies will be made and NO exceptions will be made with those with out a card.
Be Creative this years Best Costume will recieve $1,000.00 in cash along with prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. Second place will receive a two day two night pacgage at Great Wold Lodge in Traververs City for four.... provided by Clio Cultivation.
Only thing different than last year is it got bigger and better. This is a post to get the ball rolling, look for much more info to come. If you are interrested in sponsorship please contact me.

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