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Dana Carver is a 2016 Libertarian candidate for District 106 of the Michigan House of Representatives.




Dana Carver is a 2016 Libertarian candidate for District 106 of the Michigan House of Representatives.


Carver made the following statement to Ballotpedia regarding his political philosophy:[1] “


I decided to run for office when I realized that no matter how hard we try we are not getting our liberties back. I spend days calling Lansing and the various departments and no one has a clue or can help with your issue. I am told that I do not know how it works in Lansing. There are many violations of our rights going on in this state and I am fed up with the way things are going.


I am an advocate that spends a lot of time in court rooms watching Michigan Medical Marihuana Act cases being tried. The people voted for the MMMA as written. Lansing has done nothing but change the law against the will of the people. Patients are being jailed for a plant even after they get permission from the state to use it as medicine. Task forces are raiding homes of medical Marijuana patients and putting guns to the heads of children over a plant that their parents have been given permission to use. Then they steal their possessions and sometimes their children and force them to pay ransom to keep their items from being sold. Lansing was so proud of themselves because they wrote a bill to make the asset forfeiture laws better. I can tell you that their bill was nothing but smoke and mirrors. I have many friends that are still having their possessions taken and they are still being forced to pay a ransom. Nothing was changed by this law. These same people are then forced to plead to their charges instead of fighting them because they are now poor, because all of their money has been taken. No public defender I have ever met has actually helped one of their clients. There are a few that can afford a lawyer, some of them even win their cases. yet their medicine is never returned to them and neither are their possessions if they did not pay ransom. This must end. This plant is harmless and they are spending a lot of money to enforce these unconstitutional laws.


There are many departments in this state that are out of control and have no accountability....NONE..The DEQ is more concerned with how many tents are in your yard than an entire city being poisoned by their water supply. CPS is destroying families that have done nothing wrong and kidnapping their children. DOT is a black hole. MEDC gives our money to rich people. The Senate bought themselves a new building with a view. Every licensing and permission slip fee has gone up thanks to the DNR and their greed. I could go on and on.


Unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists are writing our laws. Representatives do not represent. I am over the way things are being run and how my money is being spent. Think about this for a minute....we have a 64 billion dollar a year budget for less than 10 Million people. Feeling represented lately?


I want to go to Lansing to repeal laws. I promise to vote NO on any law that violates the Natural Rights of the individual or the Constitution.



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