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Michigan Sheriffs Assoc Wants The State To Stop Registering Caregivers

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20 hours ago, semicaregiver said:

  Surely that will keep out big out of state money...….

Colorado meds in Michigan. At first it bothered me a little. Then I figured if the Michigan Boys can't keep up then bad on them. Excellent Colorado meds...

At first they admitted their meds were from out of state. Now they say that their meds are all from Michigan and always were. About the time the story changed they started charging tax.

I don't think any of the dispensaries around me accept anything from caregivers. They are selling, not buying. 

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Just to be clear. Basements, sheds, barns, garages, bedrooms, backyards, and other "sub standard" facility locations that are tended to by skilled caregivers who care deeply for their patients needs, can produce the absolute highest quality medicinal cannabis. The likes of which no mass production $30k+ facility can match, at least to date.

I hope Nov. 6th goes our way. Then every person in MI will be able to over grow corporate cannabis should they choose to do so.


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21 hours ago, mibrains said:

My area too... all the way up the US 23 corridor...  

In my area it was the Supervisor Glen Rowley who made it happen. Collected $5000 a piece for the applications and then made sure they were not overly restricted. Good man. 

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