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Chuck Is At It Again. This Time Picking On Children.

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If you are licensed to work with marijuana extracts, you have 30 days from today to update your paperwork. Also, Cannabidiol (CBD) extracts are now Schedule I substances and can’t cross state lines. Also, Happy Holidays!


Stranger things than coffee were brewing on the morning of December 13, when the Drug Enforcement Agency filed a bizarre and unsettling document into the Federal Register’s system. The final rule, submitted by Acting DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg himself, is titled:

“Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract”

Why the ‘h’ in marihuana - not just in the title, but throughout the document? Neither ‘marijuana’ nor ‘hemp’ appears. It would be churlish to suggest this was intentional, so the article wouldn’t pop up under any searches for changes in marijuana policy.

So what is this new drug code about? Currently the Controlled Substances Act uses the identifying code 7360 for marijuana (with a separate code for THC itself). The NEW rule creates a category expressly for non-resinous extracts - i.e. anything that isn’t hash.

Marihuana Extract—(7350)

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Hmm, Looks like GWPharm and Otsuka are thanking and licking the DEA's balls on this one.


Another comment from a pharmaceutical firm currently involved in cannabinoid research and product development praised DEA's efforts to establish a new drug code for marihuana extracts as a means to more accurately reflect the activities of scientific research and provide more consistent adherence to the requirements of the Single Convention.


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It's high time for medical marijuana and hemp/cbd oil users to become extremely vocal and "Just say no!" We managed to do this with Kratom and even though the decision is up in the air at this moment, the public outcry was heard loud and clear across the nation and more importantly in congress. This failed war on drugs must end, along with the DEA!

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This was from March.






Sourcing CBD: Marijuana, Industrial Hemp & the Vagaries of Federal Law

The one from march was debunked on Snopes.  However, the new articles aren't fake and have attached the Government Journal to show evidence.

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Explain and link?


 Not sure what ya mean there...



Sorry was AFK for a bit.  I was talking about them banning it in March.  That was debunked.  THe new one that they banned it on the 14th is not false, but really it is just a DEA rule, and most lawyers (for CBD producers so take it as you will) say this is DEA overreach, the courts say it is fine, so the DEA has no jurisdiction to change the law that the courts have ruled on...


We will have to wait and see what they do with it and how it turns out when it starts going to court.


I mean CBD is now schedule 1 according to the DEA, even produced outside the US, and with no other cannabinoids, so the .3% THC is out the window.  All of this reeks of big pharma.


Anyway, sorry about posting that and then disappearing.  But it was the March statement that I was referring to, not CBD being schedule 1 now.

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Ahh, ic what your saying.  But it still didn't have to do with the article I posted specifically?


I just found it funny how much has been going on around the issue for awhile. One side attempting to squeaze a square peg through a round hole and the other side changing the hole to a triangle now.  ;-)

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