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How To Use Extracts And Concentrates

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While far from new to using medical marijuana, I am somewhat overwhelmed with all of the different ways to medicate nowadays.  I did get my first vaporizer several months ago ( Arizer Air) and I love it, but when I am out and about I see all these different products and I don't know how to go about testing them (methods) to see if they will work for me or not, before spending a lot of  :money: on equipment. Does anyone know of a definitive guide for medicating with products other than buds? 

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I almost exclusively use concentrates now.  I love my vaporizer, but it wasn't cheap.  I have seen a normal glass bowl, but instead of a hole at the bottom, it has 2 at the top, and then you use a dab tool heated to vaporize the concentrate...  Fairly cheap, can be used for Hash, oil, butter, wax, shatter.


Now, nectar collectors are for the hard core, but I just recently got a E-Nail for my Oil rig, and it is simply awesome, especially if more than 1 person is medicating.  I can post some images of stuff if you want to see what I mean...  I could snap some pictures tomorrow when I am out and about.

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