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9 Pound Hammer

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So I'm pretty new to all this, but a friend of mine told me about 9 pound hammer.  What can people tell me about it?  He told me its one of the best.

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Is it any good for extracts? Namely oil.


I don't know yet, but will soon enough (well, in about 4 to 6 months I will) LOL


I will know for sure in about 8 months after cloning and doing an extract from the clones. For me, the clones come out slightly different than the original seed plant. After that, they are all the same, clone of a clone does not change for me.  


I have three going right now, and there seems to be two different phenos. 


004 9lbhamMoist 20170520 022

002 9lbhamSprout1 20170520 024

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