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Lookin 4 Old Hydro Strain From Mich State University97-98..pluton Possibly?

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i had a friend stephanie in highschool 97-98 and her boyfriend aron at the time was going to michigan state he had some really dank weed it was 60 a 1/8 and it was 12-16 in long colas of very thick hairy dense super skunky hydro aprox 2in around it was red and neon orange hairs .it had a skunky but very slightly candyish kushy super dank taste to it . ive been trying to find it forever . been told there was a strain they were calling it pluton around the same time super expensive dank hydro.  anybody know of anything like that back then around campus ? or what it might be ? any older people from mich state university that there at the time .. lol i hope he is growing now or that he is still growing it .  ive been told it could be shiva skunk or skunk1# . yes i tried tracking her down but she dont remember what it could be at all . i honestly would give up every elite rare clone only i have to get this strain again no joke .lol 

thanks for looking and the feedback

 happy new year everyone

peace rksprodigy

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