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New Year And A Restart Of The Push To Full Repeal. Come Abrogate Prohibition With Us.

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Well, it's a new year. and a new season, a new President, but the same old War on Drugs...You can wait to see what President Elect Trump has in mind, but he has said all that he needed to say on his campaign.  He very clearly, multiple times said, "I believe it is a states rights issue."  We plan on holding him to his words.

When Abrogate started late 2015, we knew it was going to be a long shot to make it to 2016 Ballot. We got approval to circulate December 30th, 2015, and 14 days later were out collecting signatures and recruiting more petitioners. We got a late start and had to come out in Shotgun/Hail Mary formation to try to beat the July 11th deadline. Obviously, we didn't have enough signatures to turn in, but we expected that there were 193 days to do what is allotted 180 days with no other major setup time.

We didn't ask for much other than hearts and minds to help collect signatures for the Right Thing.  If we are going to spend the resources, time, effort, and expense, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears why give the state the ability to beat us over the head at the end of it all? This is my question.

2016 was a great learning experience none the less and going forward from here, we will apply that knowledge to a more successful run with the Abrogate Prohibition Campaign.  2016 is last year, and it's time to do what we didn't have time to do in 2015. Get organized and ready to petition for signatures this year. We are officially up and running as of Jan 1st again.

So we are currently recruiting volunteers to help in all facets of this campaign. We are looking for all you self-starting community organizers and leaders who would rather put their efforts, time, and money into ending the arrests, fines, prosecutions, and persecutions, then giving Lansing more ways to arrest and fine you with these new pieces of legislation we have to work under. Got your Patient Manifestos all 'Properly' filled out Caregivers?

It is a lot to ask for support, especially if the group/s asking for it are just looking to pass more legislation Lansing can have their way with.
Which is why Abrogate is working to remove cannabis from the Michigan Controlled Substances Act with our campaign to amend the constitution.

The entire reason we have a petition process, and more specifically the indelible right to amend the State Constitution in the first place is so We the People can do what Lansing is too afraid, too derelict, or too corrupt to do. Where Cannabis is concerned, it is clearly all 3.

Legislators in Lansing have the authority to do the right thing, even the half-assed right thing, but they objectively refuse, because there is "Nothing in it" and it is "too dangerous". Which is Exactly Why we need to resolve this issue ourselves and do it the only way Legislators can not manipulate it like they did the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

With a direct amendment to the Michigan Constitution to remove cannabis in its entirety from the Public Health Code, thereby fully and completely legalizing all uses of cannabis for all adults and 18 yr olds who are no longer enrolled in high school, we will end all arrests, fines, kidnappings, and other state mandated penalties for cannabis use.  All minors and wards will be under their parents/guardians authorization and who are the only ones that need to authorize any use for their wards and/or children. 

This includes on the farm, in the family business, as well as for nutritional and health needs of said children and wards as well as adults.
Returning parental/guardian rights is a must to protect not just the parent, but the children from CPS and a vindictive legislature and government, if not a soon to be ex. You get the 'Right To Remain Silent' with recreational pot legislation.

The last 6 months of 2016 should tell you what to expect out of Lansing D.C. going forward and any groups that are pandering to its legislators are not there lobbying for 'You the People'.  Unlike the Nationals Groups and the locals like MRC/MCC/MiLegalize, Abrogate is not working for the Legislators in Lansing D.C., nor the lobbyist that pollute them, nor the rich special interest that pay the lobbyist to buy the legislators for their competition controlling legislation and corruption.
Abrogate is of, by and for We the People.

Abrogate's out here with We the People because Abrogate Prohibition is We the People.
Abrogate is the Peoples Amendment.  Abrogate saves You from arrest.  Abrogate saves You from persecution and prosecution.
Abrogate saves You from excessive fines and fees.
Abrogate also saves you from burdensome legislation and overbearing excise taxes.  It also saves your children and grandchildren just the same!

Abrogate does allow for rational, commonplace legislation along with general sales tax on the whole pie.  Not just the 6% slice of pie that is recreational/medical marijuana.  Abrogate makes cannabis products on par with any other like Product.
So let me ask you all this, Who would you rather help take control of the Cannabis plant.

a) Lansing D.C. and a small group of insiders? If that's you, support the weak legislation bound to come out of the recreational like alcohol groups. All you will see there is pandering to Lansing and the 'Special Few'. or
b) would you rather support an Amendment that Lansing just can not "Legislate" their way around?

If that is more your speed then time to join Abrogate Prohibition is now, not later.

We all have seen the last 2 months. Nationally and here in the State.
We need all the help we can get. We need you to get involved to help end this insanity.
If you are ready to End Prohibition, actually end it, and not just leave it up to the corrupted pockets in Lansing D.C. to 'work out later', regardless of Who is Elected to where or when then step up and help us Abrogate Prohibition.

We have a new campaign model plan, new website, new more support, and the same simple to understand and get behind language to actually redress prohibition here in Michigan.

Come with us.
End The Mission
Abrogate Prohibition.
Join us on our new easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to join, website.

Help Us Help You End Prohibition in Michigan Today.

Abrogate Prohibition < click link to joint with us @ www.abrogate.org


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how many signatures did you get, tim?


and did you ever get polling on if people would amend the constitution to abrogate?

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