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Real beetch to cut and paste stuff on an iPad.


• HB 4629, sponsored by state Rep. Peter Lucido, eliminates the requirement in current law that an individual who has their property seized by law enforcement pay a bond in order to be granted a hearing contesting their property forfeiture. It is now Public Act 418 of 2016.


After over a year and a half of hard work and dedication today Governor Rick Snyder signed HB 4629 into law, removing the requirement for someone to post a cash bond in order to contest a civil asset forfeiture. The law will go into effect in 90 days.


This is a great step forward in ensuring equal access to justice for all, and a needed reform to our civil asset forfeiture system. However, this is not the end of the journey, even though it is a great part of it.


I am already in the process of developing further reforms to civil asset forfeiture to introduce in the new legislative session, so stay tuned!

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