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Cops To Senate: Eliminate The Marijuana Caregiver System In Michigan


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A little old but shows their direction..




On November 10, representatives of the Michigan Chiefs of Police (MCP), Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM), Michigan State Police (MSP) and the Michigan Sheriffs Association (MSA) gave testimony in the Senate Judiciary on a trio of medical marijuana bills proposing to establish new dispensary laws and change current language in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.



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That fits well with getting the right people to the polls to stop Schuette from being elected.


The proposal needs to be very liberal with rights to grow and possess. Even far fetched. That's what will get folks to the polls in droves. Make people think they are going to make a fortune from growing. Huge pipe dreams. That would work, even if it didn't pass the side effect would be electing a D instead of Schuette ®. Make sure people know that any legalization would be diminished by Schuette so it has to be a package deal, Yes Legalization and NO Schuette.

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We all know the only thing that really matters is personal home grows and bigger possession limits.


Everything else is icing on the cake.


I think we will get a "decent' ballot initiative in place.  There is always more to be desired.


Same plant numbers(12) and higher in home possession limits(like Massachusetts did) seems to be coming around in the language. 

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