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Need A Certification Doctor Who Does House Calls


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I have a patient who has advanced ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease).  He is 100% housebound and no longer travels for any reason.  His physician, nurses and therapist all come to his house because he can't leave (his wife's car is not capable of transporting him, either).  While his current doctor won't sign his certification form, he has no problem with him using medical marijuana.  So what I need to know is if there are any certification doctors who would be willing to make a house call.  My patient lives in the Pinckney area.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Your patient can contact doctors via video conference. For example, I use hipaa compliant video conferencing. It's just that I travel a lot, and I periodically need a consultation with a doctor. If I had extra money, then, of course, I would hire a personal doctor and take him to different countries at my own expense. But unfortunately, I don't have such an opportunity. So a video conference is a good option for consultation. Also, a big plus is that your patient will only need to have a laptop. If your client doesn't like this idea, then give him weighty arguments about it.

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