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Mj And Ptsd, A Survey Of Michigan Psychiatrists’ Opinions

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METHODS: A non-probability convenience sample of

psychiatric physicians in Michigan was surveyed during 2016. The 12-item survey questionnaire

asked respondents a series of questions about their personal characteristics, prior experiences of

treating PTSD and opinions concerning the use/potential use of MM for treatment of PTSD.

RESULTS: A total of 83 psychiatrists (11.7% of total invited) responded to the survey.


Michigan psychiatrists may be extremely

conservative regard the prospective use of MM for PTSD. Few sample respondents indicated that

they had been exposed to professional literature detailing MM and derivatives as a treatment for

PTSD. Most respondents also indicated that they were Unsure/There is Not Enough Research

concerning the scientific evidence for the use of MM for PTSD. Based on these findings from a

smaller sample, the use of MM and its derivatives for treatment of PTSD may not currently be

supported by the majority of Michigan psychiatrists.

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Lets be clear, Not a single Michigan psychiatrists has any idea how to actually treat PTSD.  Not one.


They merely guess in the dark and quite often make it worse, thus doing harm to the patients from clueless treatment recommendations.


There is no 'cure' nor universal treatment for PTSD.  It becomes a coping and quality of life issue.


Thus, this is a useless poll of people that fail daily at attempted treatment of PTSD sufferers.


When a condition becomes a coping and quality of life issue, the only people worth asking is the patient themselves and their closest family members or caregivers.



Good thing we got PTSD as a qualifying condition. Sounds like they would LOVE to take it away.


Neener neener.

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