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Has Anyone Tried The Oxydoser?

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I recently met a CG who grows in RDWC. He said he bought an oxydoser and uses it only in his reservoir (which is recirculates through the buckets continuously.). He said he has completely done away with airsrones.


I'm going to order one and give it a go. First, I'll use a dissolved oxygen meter to test several buckets with airstones. Then I'll try the oxydoser and check DO in several buckets. This will be a fun experiment. I'd love to get away from air pumps and stones.

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Interesting idea, but seems to be very pricy.  Their website lists retailers that are asking around $200/unit plus water pump and possibly air compressor if u want to use high pressure air.  


On the flip side, most traditional aeration systems, air stones, spray nozzles, etc. add heat to the water and have a tendency to increase the humidity in the room.   Watching the youtube video on this unit it would be reasonable to assume that used in short bursts there would be less heat added to the water and less humidity given off.   


Good luck with the experiment.

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I checked the doser out on youtube. Right away I saw the pump and the potential for roots clogging that up. Plus the thing takes up some space in the bucket. So I knew it would only work in a recirc DWC. Then I noticed that Highlander said the person he heard about it from was using recirc. 

I think the inventor was aiming at micro bubbles as the whole advantage of this invention. 

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I'd also say, based upon results of using airstones/compressor versus a dead simple air lift pump for making compost tea, that they are not very effective at increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water. The airlift produced a completely different, obviously much, much better compost tea. It would be interesting to try this aeration technique for DWC. One of the old hydrofarm growing systems used airlift pumps at every station, but just to pump the water from the reservoir to a drip ring, used with or without a timer depending on growing medium. Not really deep water culture, though the roots did hang into the water beneath.


Something like that undercurrent system posted above is much better, but small PVC pipes like that can get clogged with roots when the system is very effective. It is worth using gigantic PVC for the project, which can make it expensive. I think the undercurrent-type systems generally have an air compressor and a water pump.


High-pressure air compressors are really noisy compared to water pumps, too, which is a part of the equation when home growing in a system like this which requires constant water movement.

On my last aero run I had a 2" PVC pipe that supplies the sprayer get mostly clogged with roots. 

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