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What's So Great About Cbd?

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If CBD works,  and it did nothing for me at 25mg a day, it is well out of my reach. 

"$2,835 an ounce—more than twice that of pure gold."

"It’s challenging for financially strapped patients who must cough up $200 to $300 a month"


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That's why it's a darn good thing that most people don't need high quantities of CBD to treat anything. 

I believe it's always been a myth(or lie for money) that many people need CBD isolated out of the plant to treat their condition. 

Many strains offer relief in their natural form. Some work with some slight modification with heat. Others work better when used as an extract. There are plenty of remedies and answers out there that don't require huge amounts of money spent. But if you are advertising your pot store then everything is expensive. Nothing is cheap and easy. They will fight you tooth and nail to win that argument because their business model depends on emptying your pockets. 

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