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Pot Is Ruining Denver's Restaurant Industry


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The population of Denver has been steadily growing over the past few years, but not enough of its new inhabitants want to work in the restaurant industry.


The reason? The higher-paying jobs are in weed, man.

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I don't even see the correlation.  People don't want to work in restaurants because they pay minimumish wage and the job sux.  I would rather work at a gas station anyday.  And as most know, the worst business to be in is owning restaurants.  I think I seen a stat where 50% of restaurants go bankrupt. Maybe it was a 50% increase...


But through the whole country, restaurants are collapsing.  Even the major chains are going bankrupt. There are Too many restaurants and the consumer doesn't want it.


I think nationwide there has been like a 5% dip in people going to restaurants.  Most people cant afford it. 


The places restaurants are doing well? all the big cities where they increased minimum wages. Business is up like 10-20%.  People have money to spend.  Demand side economics.


But I think the restaurant issue in Denver ovewr marijuana does not connect to the problems in restaurants. Just seems like someone else to blame for their own failure and paying their employees slave labor wages.

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Yea, restaurants.


Employers want to pay poverty wages, offer no vacations, sick days, health insurance, unstable hours, no retirement, and pay their tipped staff a couple bucks an hour.


I cant figure out why they fail so much and why people don't want those jobs.



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