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Vapcap "m"

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I had to try this out, from DynaVap, (https://www.dynavap.com/) and I must say this is a great vape to have in your pocket. Yes you need a butane lighter but both are small and unobtrusive. I'm just getting the hang of the VapCap "M"and it is very discreet to pop this out of its case and torch a cloud of vape to your own liking. I have put a very small amount in the bowl and have been amazed at the amount and quality of the vaper from such a small pinch of bud, no grinding necessary. Anyone else been checking these out? Pretty cool, and affordable.

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It's got a bowl that in inside a metal end piece which in turn is covered by a temperature sensitive metal sleeve that clicks when it has reached the right temp for vapor. Once used to it, you can control what you want for vapor, it's really so simple, and that's why it's so cool. They do have other options for liquid but they are designed for flower.

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