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Hi, Don't Mind Me. I'm Here Now.

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I just think you should take a break.  you don't seem to have the same fun you used to have here before.  you jump down everyones throat too easily.  I think you need a self imposed break.  It did me good.  I joined in dec and didn't start flying off the handle till that CBD thread.  the break did me good.

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ANHEMP, I can see every post you made. No need to lie again.


Asking someone a serious question is not flying off the handle.


Myself being tired of you, a banned member, and correcting your lies and accusations is not me flying off the handle. :-)


You completely jumped into this topic because I asked a serious question and you did everything you could to accuse and obfuscate, then claim victimhood.


Just go vote.

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You don't have the correct choice there for me.


See, it's the attitude that's the problem.


  What did I lie about now?  What post did you see?  You never show me what you are talking about and you seem to stretch the truth quite a bit.  What r u talking about now?  Please link to what you are talking about when you are saying I "lied".


Jumping on someone's first post and posing the question how you did is jumping off the handle.  What if I started asking personal questions of you first post and accused you of being me in their first thread?  Is asking an older woman her age an appropriate first question?  just because you think it's legitimate doesn't mean it's socially acceptable.  As a person with aspergers I don't think I should have to be explaining this to you like it was taught to me.

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Maybe if you posted more useful topics yourself(since you joined in December 2016) it would be better? There were 20 active topics this week as well. At least tell the truth.

Well i was banned for no reason other than being a trump voter and i was a 7 year member.


And mabey if you didnt rip every post apart id post more.

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