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Township turns down medical marijuana distribution act


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It already put itself on the marijuana map after hosting a major cannabis themed celebration.

Now a township's plan to further invest in the industry may be up in smoke after a vote on the subject.

Vienna Township voted unanimously on Monday against act 281, which means they said no to allowing the growth and distribution of medical marijuana in the township.

"To have the board unanimous is always a good thing," said Cynthia Bryan, township clerk.

All seven members of the township's board voted against the act.

Bryan said the issue was thoroughly thought out.

"We don't take any item lightly, but this is a hot button issue with a lot of municipalities. But we did put a lot of thought into it," Bryan said.

Both sides were laid out on the table while the act was up for vote.

Joseph Rizk, township supervisor, weighed both sides starting with the potential positive effects.

"The amount of money that would be generated to come back into the municipality," Rizk said.

He said the biggest concern outweighed that.

"I'm sure there's a certain criminal element that might be involved, not necessarily the people that are producing or selling. But by people who realize it might be a cash transaction," Rizk said.

Even with that, Bryan said a big reason why the board voted no was because of the lack of clarity in how the act was drafted.

"We know the state has a lot of work to do on it and I don't think we were comfortable saying yes, we're going to opt in to something that has that many questions," Bryan said.

She added even though opting out was the outcome of Monday night's meeting, the future of act 281 and its place in Vienna Township is certainly not set in stone.

"To say it's an absolute deal is not true. It could come back in front of this board again if things change," Bryan said.




So just how lucrative is the medical pot business?





So just how lucrative is the medical pot business? Apparently plenty, given one man allegedly offered to pay $20,000 a month in bribes to Garden City officials for a dispensary permit and $150,000 to state officials for a grow license. Detroit Free Press



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Even with that, Bryan said a big reason why the board voted no was because of the lack of clarity in how the act was drafted.


Yup, everyone knows by now how crooked our legislature is and no one wants to be subject to what they do at the drop of a hat after they get bribed legally by 'donations' they can spend on vacations. No one wants to play that game with the legislature, including local governments. 

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A lot of townships are waiting for state to set the rules. Too many unanswered questions at this time. 

Our township voted to draft an ordinance, but will wait until later in year to implement. 

Noticed that if recreational is approved, then township will lose the percentage from the sale. Anyone else notice this?

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