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Medical marijuana plant proposal raises debate


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GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY (WPBN/WGTU) -- The debate to bring a medical marijuana facility to Grand Traverse County continues.

On Tuesday, a special meeting was held in Kingsley where the Executive Director of the National Patients Rights Association Robin Schneider gave a presentation on the laws revolving around medical marijuana.

One of the main things she talked about was the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, which regulates medical marijuana from growth to distribution.

People in the crowd also took the opportunity to talk about how they felt about the $20 million facility proposed by TheraCann.

"[The village council members] are working hard to figure out whether or not we want the plant and are trying to find some jobs for us," said Sharon Case who lives in Kingsley. "That's what Kingsley needs is jobs."
"Cannabis businesses do bring jobs opportunities as we've seen in other states," said Schneider. "They have good paying jobs."

Others said they don't want any kind of marijuana in the area and were opposed to bringing the plant to Kingsley.

Schneider also said regulating medical marijuana more would make it less likely for it to spread in the black market.

Though a lot of the things brought up at the meeting revolved around the proposed medical marijuana plant, that wasn't the purpose of the meeting.

Schneider was there to talk about the law and answer any questions.



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