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My Brothers and sisters in arms ...

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Few will ever know and none will ever understand the missions we undertook ... I spent years in Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) as part of Air Force Special Operation Command (AFSOC) ... I was never a "shooter" ... I was the "how" in getting them to their infiltration points, men and machines, "Little Birds", "RSOV's", Forward Area Rearming And Refueling Points (FAARP) ... and getting them out again through exfiltration ... I worked very closely with men of the very highest dedication ... Rangers, SEAL's, Delta Force and others that will never have a name ... my PTSD comes from those missions, terrible things that I will never repeat ... the story above continues a legacy of sacrifice that will never be fully disclosed, that must remain with us alone ... my struggles are mine alone, personal, and effect no one else ... but we must always remember that the price we pay will continue to come due, our efforts, through our brethren, will always demand the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation ... let no single American ever dare to question the men that die like those above, seeking only to fulfill the mission they were given, forsaking family for service, knowing deprivations of the harshest kind, placing their lives in the hands of their fellow men ... proving with their blood ... that Freedom is not Free

May whatever power you pray to be with the families of these brave men ... and as a people we must never, ever ... ever forget, that the price of every Americans life is most often paid for by the sacrifices of a very few ... 


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