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Michigan does not accept my condition

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I have Tourette's Syndrome, which is a qualifying condition for MMJ in many other states, including Illinois. However, Michigan does not accept Tourette's Syndrome.

I know that there is supposed to be a formal process for consideration of additional conditions. But I need to maintain a low profile, and can't really be a public face for Tourette's Syndrome or MMJ (really wish I could).

Any advice on getting a card, without having to lie and claim PTSD or some other condition?

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My friend ... never start a lie because it will always follow you ... if Tourette's Syndrome is your only currently qualifying medical condition and that isn't covered under the MMMA ... then you need to try and get it approved through the current legally accepted channels ... please don't put yourself in legal jeopardy ...


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Thanks! I'm about due for a visit to the doctor. 

MJ has indeed help me stop most of my ticks. I discovered this at age 16, when I developed a consistent vocal tick (just chirping, clucking and throat clearing... no swear words). Shortly thereafter I was given my first joint, and it just seemed to resolve an "itch" deep in my brain. All of my fidgeting, squirming, and dancing just seemed to subside. I also had an embarrassing issue with constantly adjusting my junk and pulling my wedgy in public. The MJ also just resolved those urges.

I would go as far as call MJ a "cure" for my condition, not just something that helps alleviate symptoms. It seriously righted my ship, and I'm very grateful.

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Tourette syndrome is the most severe kind of tic syndrome. Tics are involuntary muscle spasms.

Persistent muscle spasms are a qualifying condition under the act. Just provide the doctor with records indicating that you are afflicted with persistent spasms.

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