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Where can I find low dose "micro dose" edibles in MI?

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Thats true although even just eating a small portion you never really know the amount your ingesting.  I just wanted to know if anyone knew any specific edibles that are sold in MI that are low dose to take the guesswork out of it. The lowest dose item I can find are canna caps which are around 14mg 

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there are very few statewide made edibles, due to marijuana's illegality.

there is an infused drink, which you could measure out.

or there are some breath sprays that you could microdose on. or any of the tinctures with 100mg per bottle, just use the eye dropper and ingest one drop at a time.

an easy way to microdose would just be to eat the raw or cooked buds. that way you know what amount you are ingesting. start small, with a piece of cannabis flower about the size of a peanut m&m.

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5 hours ago, AmishRnot4ganja said:

Is there a nasal spray out there? Just curious because it seems like that might be a good method of ingestion. Or maybe a snuff like material for snorting. Snuff was real popular in the past.

i saw one epilepsy rescue nasal spray on the internet, i think it got posted here on the mmma somewhere. otherwise no. kind of like suppositories, no one wants to make that stuff as oral and smoke are easier for most people.

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