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Are you consuming pesticides


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Note: This article is updated as we get recalls for pesticides in cannabis products; recalls for other contaminants are noted on the listing. Scroll down for more info about pesticide testing in Colorado and an archive of recalls for 2015-2016.


I see this as inevitable ... big industrial grows with many employees ... pressure for profits that comes from both the owners and from the State as they need to meet demand or lose millions in taxes if the supply falls ... sadly, the risk of losing an entire crop will out-weigh the ethical choices and pesticides will be used ... 

Read the grow forums here and you'll find very passionate discussion and often heated debate over things like watering schedules and grow light distances from the plants ... you will never find our growers discussing pesticides because it's completely against their moral and ethical beliefs ... we patients are blessed by their devotion ...

Medical marijuana grown in the "Care Giver" model we currently have will always be the safest way for patients that can't grow to get their medicine 

The legalized, recreational market will be served by big growers that operate under financial pressure and that always brings temptation to "ensure" a big harvest ... no matter the ethics involved

Note: I'm not saying that every commercial grower is evil and will poison us ... organic farms do exist ...  


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