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Senator Corry Booker


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I don't know this man, I'm not from his state ... but he really has an important take on his soon to be proposed legislation ... 

Removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act;

  • Retroactively expunging federal marijuana use and possession crimes;
  • Incentivizing states through federal funds to change their marijuana laws, if illegal;
  • Withholding federal funds for prison construction or staffing in states that have disproportionate arrest rates for minority and low-income individuals arrested for marijuana offenses;
  • Allowing individuals currently serving a term in federal prison for marijuana use or possession to petition a court for resentencing;
  • Creating a reinvestment fund for communities most affected by the war on drugs with grants in areas such as job training, reentry services, expenses related to the expungement of convictions, public libraries, and health education programs, among others.

Using federal tax revenue from the sale of marijuana to reinvest in the communities that have paid the highest price for the war on marijuana ...

There is a video on this post and you can hear him speak which gives a great understanding of the intelligence and passion of this man

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