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Best Natural Indica?Best Indica Edible?Best Non-Smelling Capsule?

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Heah, just got my MI card recently...

  1. I have noticed that lots of weeds upset my stomach or give me headaches. I have noticed that the natural strains(organic w min chemicals) work best. Which dispensary/strain would you guys rec?

  2. Also what is the best natural indica edible?

  3. What is the best capsule. Something i can fly with that has no smell.


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I have never been inside a dispensary in my life. I hear they are all over the Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit area. But I haven't seen a single one in western MI, although I'm sure they exist.

Regarding a good indica strain, I recommend any of the following: Headband, Girl Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies, Pineapple OG, and any white rhino or white widow mix.

My advice... grow your own product and make your own edible. Especially if you are concerned with chemicals and organic practices.

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