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How do dispensary's get their medicine?


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I have done some research and I don't understand some things about this market.

I want to get into the business of growing and supplying dispensarys in Michigan. I only found laws on caregivers and I don't see any laws about people who want to grow for people that are not their patients like people who want to grow and sell their medicine to dispensarys.

Does anyone know how exactly the dispensarys work here in Michigan? Is there a high demand right now? What are some ballpark prices for high quality indoor medicine per Lb, Is this a hard market for someone to get into if they are experienced with growing, honest, determined and have the funds to get started.

Also what kind of requirements  are needed to grow and supply dispensarys legally - if any. What kind of license do I need and are they hard to get?

I know this is information I need to gather on my own but honestly I can't find this information online. If anyone can help me here it would save me lots of time and I plan on providing high quality which will benefit the community. Even a website or phone number where I can find this information out would help!


Thanks guys!

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It is currently illegal for anyone to supply cannabis to anyone who is not connected to them through the caregiver system that was established by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Starting in December of this year, the State will be taking applications for growers, processors, testers, transporters, and retailers as established by a law passed last year. Information regarding the licensing process is available on the internet, but a lot of it seems to still be up in the air.

Acquiring a license and then being able to make money with it is, it seems, a rather murky proposition.

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