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Michigan Grow Experts Advising the BMMR

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The Michigan Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, i.e. LARA named 20 "expert" growers to work group to advise them on growing.   They actually named over 100 experts to advise them on the various categories, i.e. dispensaries, testing, transport, etc,     http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/BMMR_Announcement_Work_Groups_600209_7.pdf

I thought everyone here might enjoy knowing who the expert growers are in Michigan...


1. Vivian Pickard (Board Member)

2. Adam Duke

3. Paul Weisberger

4. John Hyden, Esq.

5. Randy Buchman

6. Jeff Nemeth

7. Elizabeth Queen

8. Matthew (Justin) Dunaskiss

9. Matt Sule

10. Amos LaRyanke Jungwirth

11. Ryan Alan Millspaugh

12. Jeffrey Scott Tenniswood 1

3. Eric Bray

14. Eric Kennedy

15. Steve Ratcliff

16. Steve Safie

17. Johnathan Finstrom

18. Mark Peck

19. Susie Raker‐Zimmerman

20. Joseph C. Smith II

21. Daniel Robert Victor

Interesting list..  Adam Duke is a news person with Fox17 in Western Michigan,  Justin Dunakiss is the son of a R state legislator from Lake Orion, Paul Weisberg is an attorney that represents Wild Bills Tobacco and is heading up their 21 million dollar grow op in the Bay City area,  Steve Ratcliff is from IN "MedFarm's land broker Stephen Ratcliff of West Lafayette, Ind., said MedFarm considered three other Michigan communities", Susie Zimmerman seems to actually be involved in growing, managing a commercial greenhouse operation in Litchfield, MI. Daniel Robert Victor is a family law attorney out of Bloomfield.  He was a member of the original working group that created the current commercial law and he is the owner of Gulfstream Gardens out of detroit.  Their website shows them to be commercial grow operation contractors and consultants.

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Should be testimony from patients about how well their LEGAL EXPERIENCED caregiver has done since 2008 (and before if applicable). They have passed the difficult challenges over the years. They deserve to be first in line. Not some grilled cheesy smiley wanna be grower expert in a suit. I propose THAT ONLY legal caregivers need apply. This journey since 2008 has been a learning experience as to how to grow for medical patients and Johnny Come Lately or The Dispensary Bud Flinger don't have a clue.  

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Interesting comments from MB and Rest.   I have spent some more time researching who these people are and the one common thread is, "commercial".     LARA does not seem to be interested in quality, but rather who has experience or ties on the commercial side of growing.

Going thru the lists in the work groups, grow, dispensary, processor, lab, transport, there are a number familiar names, but out of the 100 total members I can only identify maybe 10.   While most of the activist caregivers and patients have attended hearings and fundraisers, there are a huge number of people lobbying LARA directly and getting to know the folks that will be writing the rules.   

I was at the Board hearing on Tuesday and there were over 400 people in attendance.   I would guess that at least 3/4's of them were from outside the established activist community that we have seen over the last 8+ years.

Not offering any editorial input on this, just observing changes in the makeup of the Michigan cannabis community.

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That's just it, the cannabis community doesn't/didn't change at all. These are outsiders and they will always be outsiders. Working with law enforcement to sell us something we don't want or need, at prices we can't pay. They will just end up losers throwing tantrums and making more and more regulatory rules that no one will follow even in the face of the threat of incarceration. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see it. It's just really obvious to people who actually ARE the cannabis community (and not staring really hard at a grilled cheese sandwich.... we have a few sandwich watchers in our community that think they are so courageous).


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