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First positive dispensary experience.

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After all the bad things I have said about dispensaries in the past I thought I should give equal time for something positive.

Since my recent crop failure I thought I would take a look at another dispensary. All that I had been to in the past were basically a couple of twenty somethings behind a largely empty display case selling six or so different strains. Most of these were definitely sub-par in my opinion.

The one I went to the other day had a large selection of strains as well as medibles and concentrates. A very pleasant surprise for me. It actually looked like the ones on TV! While it was real sticker shock for someone who has not purchased cannabis retail since the late 1970's it was cheaper than prices I had seen at the other establishments.

I can't really picture using something like this on a regular basis but  it was nice to finally see one that was not a complete ghetto schwag shop.


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I've used two different dispensaries since recently receiving my MMMA card. It's really my only option since I don't have a personal grow.

One is all pre-packaged medicine, everything in plastic, with a selection of about a dozen strains. Tenders are not very knowledgeable about strains ... their product seems to need aging .. in my humble opinion it's still too "green". This place buys all their medicine from "somewhere". This feels like kids selling medicine without enough knowledge.

The second dispensary is mostly self-grown hydroponic medicine. Everything is in big glass jars for easy inspection. Very good support from the Tenders. Better curing of medicine.

So its a tale of two styles and I'm sure patients like each for their own reasons.

Patients that are still searching for the best strains greatly benefit from the wide selection available at a good dispensary. Once strains have been selected by the patient its easier to look for a caregiver since the patient now knows what medicine they need grown.

That's my plan ...

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I only purchased some candy and some shatter. The herb I looked at seemed decent although some of it had clearly been mechanically trimmed so their were no visible trichomes. Smooth round nuggets instead of normal buds. I'm guessing that was where the jars of kief came from.

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