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New Patient Openings - Will Pay for Patient Card

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Caregiver here looking to offer folks free Medical Marijuana Patient Cards in all of Michigan.

I am a part of a network of Patients and Caregivers that currently has Patient openings. We'll connect you with a caregiver, pay for your medical consultation, and take care of all the paperwork necessary to get you your card.

We pay for the whole process and make it easy to become a Legal Patient in the state of Michigan.

For questions and contact, please email me:


No personal emails in open forum contact poster via PM

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The caregivers are happy to take care of the fees. We're asking nothing of the patients other than to see a doctor and fill out the appropriate papers.

Caregivers pay us $50 to get them connected to patients.

There are a lot of folks out there getting into trouble. We're in this to help people enter this community legally.

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Let me see if I understand correctly.  As a caregiver it would cost me approx. $250 to sign up a patient thru your service.  (certification/doc fee, LARA fees, Sidecar fee).   

This would compare with signing up patients thru this site for free.   What would the advantage to me as a caregiver to use your service??

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We provide caregiver services, including site-setup, legal and horticulture advice, and automation systems.


We've met quite a few caregivers and found that many of them have trouble finding patients, and when they do, often times the prospective patients are more interested in getting product than becoming legally registered patients.


In an effort to meet the needs of both the caregivers who are looking to legally help patients in need and the patients who are interested in medical marijuana but don't have the money/know-how to acquire it, we provide a service that connects the two. 


We do the work to get people connected legally. 


We apologize for misinterpreting the community here. We thought this website was a place where caregivers and patients could find resources like ours.

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We are a registered LLC. Our name is TIA Consulting. We've provided horticultural services in several states for over seven years.

Yes, we are trying to profit off of other caregivers. We are making them more profitable and are paid a portion of that additional profitability. We need to charge a fee in order to pay our staff for their time.

Will you please give me us a clear indication of whether this advertisement is permissible on this website or not? Is there a more appropriate place to post this type of advertisement? We've looked for the classifieds section to no avail. Would you like us to pay you to advertise?

If this is not welcome here, we'll remove it from the forum and refrain from disrupting your community again.

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Thank you for the clarification it clears up a lot for us here as far as checking out your company's validity  .


We just went through a software update and the classifieds section is in the works please understand we have a responsibility to insure those advertising caregiver services are legit the questions were just to get the info we needed to get an idea of who you are and what your business model is .

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