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House Judiciary Testimony on Forfeiture Reform - Michael Komorn

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Michael Komorn and several patients and their caregivers who have been subject to abusive forfeiture proceedings are offering testimony regarding House Bill 4158, requiring a criminal conviction before forfeiture, at noon today in Lansing.


Watch the live stream here:



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Did I hear that this item passed and no bond is required to get your seized property back anymore? 

...I don't imagine anyone plans to give back any assets taken under the old rules? 

We should start a class action suit. <lol>



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    • By zapatosunidos
      Rep. Peter Lucido introduced House Bill 4158 on February 2, 2017, which attempts to stop forfeiture abuse by requiring the state to obtain a criminal conviction before instituting seizure and forfeiture proceedings. This bill would greatly help patients and their caregivers in Michigan who are currently subject to abusive forfeiture practices.
      Find your representative here: http://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/

      Please submit some ideas on this thread for talking points to use.
    • By zapatosunidos
      Media coverage is not letting up on this matter. Most are tired of forfeiture abuse and want concrete solutions to end it. This story proves that political policing will always turn a corner into illegality, as has happened in Michigan with the Medical Marihuana Act. Note that the sheriff calls the defendants liars, and claims they are just trying to legalize marijuana. This comment points more to the DTF's motivations than the defendants'. The defendants just want their stuff back.

      Annette and Michael vociferously defended the truth of her statements during the interview. Many documents were produced for the reporter as proof, including police and court documents and transcripts. Check out the transcripts, and keep in mind the officers in this testimony have invoked 5th amendment protection against self-incrimination during testimony in our other cases, cases related to one another only by the subject of medical marijuana.

    • By Michael Komorn
      Here is some pretty solid coverage of the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing of the forfeiture reform bills. All the bills passed out of the committee with recommendation for the house to pass. With Charmie Gholson, Steve Miller, Ginnifer Hency, Annette Shattuck: