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Can I get a card if I have never had one before and on probation.

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Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, first post.

I am on felony probation for a non drug-related crime. I am 2/3rds away from being complete with probation - but that is still a long ways to go.

I have a slew of mental health conditions including diagnosed PTSD, which I know is now a included condition for obtaining a card. I was diagnosed by a Psychiatrist.

I'm not a "drug user" and have none of that in my past documented legal/mental health paperwork.

I am prescribed, xanax - 2mg 4 times daily. I'm in my early 20's and have been prescribed some form of benzo since I was 18. Today, I was told they are going to be weaning me off xanax. Which to me sounds like a bad idea, but I cannot control the doctor. I take xanax for PTSD.

I have tried plenty of other medications that never worked for me. (And therapy classes..)

I am interested in trying to apply for a card, to see if it really does help with PTSD. But I know in my probation stipulations it says something along the line of "can't use MMJ without prior authorization". Which means I guess my PO or judge would have to approve.

ANYWAY, is it even legally possible for me to obtain one since I'm on probation? I am in Ann Arbor. 

Thank you.

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