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Nessel Campaign Looking for Phone Bank Volunteers!

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We need your help reaching out to Dana supporters around Michigan to make sure everyone who wants to attend the MDP Convention has their voice heard!


We will be having digital phonebanks this Saturday and Sunday from 3-7 pm, and Monday through Thursday from 5-8:30 pm. There will be a training session for the first 60 minutes of each phonebank.


To help make calls please fill out this sign up form and we will be in touch soon!


Thank you for your help!

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    • By Michael Komorn
      We are proud to announce our endorsement and support for Dana Nessel as Michigan’s next Attorney General. I have known Dana for many years, both while she worked for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office (handling complex criminal prosecution) and in private practice.  
      She is recognized within the attorney community to be an exceptionally skilled attorney. Most importantly she stands behind Michigan’s ballot initiative to treat marihuana like alcohol, and the voter's initiative of 2008, the MMMA. It is time that the leading law enforcement agent in the state of Michigan support the people's will and desire to develop reasonable policies regarding marihuana reform in Michigan. Tomorrow, August 15, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at Braun Court in Ann Arbor (in Kerrytown), across from Community High School she will be kicking off her campaign, and we encourage anyone interested in making Michigan green should show up and hear it for themselves.
      In case there were any questions as to the carnage caused by the existing attorney general, here is the evidence it is time for a change. Dana Nessel for Attorney General 2018.